Get to Know NTC Advisory Board Member Liz Wheeler

News anchor, author, and political commentator: Liz Wheeler has been using her media platform to speak out against hypocrisy and phony tolerance for years. Earlier this year, she graciously accepted an invitation from the New Tolerance Campaign to join our Advisory Board, lending her name to our efforts rallying the grassroots to push back against double-standards and institutions that fail to live up to their stated values.

What does this savvy cultural analyst see on the horizon for our society? And what scoops can we expect from her wildly popular podcast The Liz Wheeler Show? Here are “5 Questions with Liz Wheeler”:


There are lots of podcasts out there — what makes The Liz Wheeler Show stand out?
It all comes back to the theme of the show — personal, researched, and unapologetic. The Liz Wheeler Show is about speaking truth in a logical way. Every episode, I try to walk viewers through my train of thought. I do the research and then walk listeners through how that research has informed my opinions. That way the show becomes a joint effort and when you as viewers then speak reality in your hometowns or in front of your school boards and city councils, you’re able to take that research and express a well-thought-out series of conclusions and speak the truth, even if it’s unpopular.

You recently had Christopher Rufo as a guest on your podcast. In recent weeks, NTC partnered with Rufo on campaigns calling out critical race theory trainings at CVS Health and Walmart, and thousands of NTC supporters took action. Why do you think there’s been such a strong response?
Critical race theory isn’t a Left-versus-Right or Democrat-versus-Republican issue. Critical race theory is a parents-versus-the Left issue. The Left is trying to indoctrinate adults, as you can see in corporate examples all over the country, but also our children as young as two and three years old. They are targeted by the Left telling them they’re racist or that they’re victims based solely on the color of their skin. Children don’t even know what that means at that age and the idea that kids are inherently racist or inherently victims based on their skin color is false and grotesque. It’s entirely inexcusable for any school to teach this poisonous ideology, and this brainwashing is occurring all across the country. The rejection of critical race theory is not a partisan issue; it is a bipartisan way of saying no to the Left and telling them that we won’t stand for the radical Marxist indoctrination of our youth. Parents of all political stripes understand this.

You’ve also been outspoken about Big Tech censorship — and so has NTC. The ironic thing is that Twitter and Facebook would be nothing if they weren’t being used by millions of everyday people — the same people they deplatform, censor, and shadow-ban. What can turn the tide?
I wish there was an easier answer to this, but it’s actually more of a long, three-fold plan. The first part is that we need to enforce existing antitrust laws, and we need to repeal Section 230 protections for these Big Tech platforms. But more than that, we have to find a way to compete with Big Tech, which is much harder than it sounds. Competing with Big Tech isn’t just about launching our own social networks, which we’ve seen done with the likes of Locals and Rumble and Parler, but it also means we need web hosting services and server farms and payment processing systems that aren’t tied to Apple or Google. Big Tech will use every ounce of its power to stop us from speaking truth in the face of their radical agenda, and we have to commit to going all the way around it if we are going to turn the tide.

To date NTC campaigns have inspired over 39,000 supporters in all 50 states to take action holding accountable higher education, “woke corporations, social media platforms, and activist nonprofits like the ACLU and SPLC. When it comes to institutions, which do you see as the most hypocritical and most guilty of creating more polarization in our society?
Public schools. And I don’t just mean higher education colleges and universities, although they are guilty of being hypocritical and creating polarization. I mean all the way down to primary education K-12 schools. On a national level, we have allowed teachers unions to take hold of our education system and our society at large, but they couldn’t care less about actually educating children. These teacher unions are using their power and influence to push a radical leftist agenda into the minds of our children at any cost—even if it means masking children & incorporating blatantly Marxist ideas into the curriculum.

What can subscribers expect to hear in the coming weeks on The Liz Wheeler Show?
We just broke a huge story about the Navy violating policy to issue a blanket denial of religious exemptions for the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and that’s just a taste of what we do on every episode of the show. I aim to be a voice for the voiceless — I call out abuse of power and the individuals abusing power. I illuminate the stories no one else hears about because the mainstream media simply refuses to report them and Big Tech silences you if you talk about them. These stories are happening every day (look at what’s going on in Loudoun County, Virginia) and I want to empower and deputize people to stand up and do something about it. Instead of just bemoaning bad things that happen which makes people feel helpless, I’m giving them tangible, realistic action items we can all use to fight back against radical leftist policies.

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