New Tolerance Campaign is a watchdog organization mobilizing Americans to confront intolerance double-standards by establishment institutions, civil rights groups, universities, and socially-conscious brands. NTC action campaigns empower ordinary Americans to hold accountable self-proclaimed arbiters of tolerance when they betray their own stated values.


Fox News: A Pride Month note to Queers for Palestine

NTC President recently wrote an op-ed for Fox News titling “A Pride Month note for Queers for Palestine”. In the… ...

The Daily Signal: Conservative Groups respond to getting left off SPLC ‘hate map’

NTC is mentioned in the Daily Signal alongside a wide variety of organizations who are critical of the SPLC’s labeling… ...

Washington Examiner: Daughters of the American Revolution members rage against transgender inclusion

The Washington Examiner recently wrote a story titled “Daughter of the American Revolution members rage against transgender inclusion.” The story… ...


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Has Cancel Culture Been Canceled?

High-profile celebrities wonder if society has turned a corner Originally celebrated as a means of holding individuals and institutions accountable… ...

Color Wars

Major brands are discovering there’s no easy way to dial back Pride Month politics Corporations having second thoughts about aggressive… ...

College Protest Response: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Contrasting responses to pro-Hamas protests on campus Amid a wave of pro-Hamas protests that erupted on college campuses this spring,… ...