Sponsors Must Cut Ties with Radical LGBTQ Group Led by Lying Activist

Julie Mauck asked her local library in Athens, Georgia to move a sexually explicit book from the children’s section to the adult section. Now she’s fighting for her career.

The Moms for Liberty member and real estate agent had barely made her case when a group of radical LGBTQ activists accused her of “discrimination,” Google-bombed her business with fake negative reviews, and told Mauck’s real estate broker that she referred “to LGBTQ+ individuals as pedophiles” or called “the entire LGBTQ community pedophiles.”

Mauck did no such thing, and was officially cleared of the baseless accusations of discrimination by the Georgia Association of REALTORS®. Sadly, the damage had already been done.

One of the people leading the defamatory mob was transgender activist and Athens Pride & Queer Collective president Danielle Carmella Bonanno.

Bonanno is being held accountable in court by our allies at the Coalition for Liberty, which is funding Julie’s lawsuit against those who knowingly lied about her and filed a false ethics complaint with the Georgia Association of REALTORS®. But Athens Pride & Queer Collective continues to rake in financial support from businesses likely unaware that the organization they’re supporting is led by an unhinged activist determined to destroy a concerned parent’s life.

Tell the businesses supporting Athens Pride & Queer Collective to condemn Bonanno and end their misplaced support for this extremist organization!