Mission: Fight to Uphold Real Tolerance in American Society

New Tolerance Campaign is a watchdog organization mobilizing Americans to confront intolerance double-standards by establishment institutions, civil rights groups, universities, and socially-conscious brands. NTC action campaigns empower ordinary Americans to hold accountable self-proclaimed arbiters of tolerance when they betray their own stated values.

Problem: “Phony Tolerance” by the Establishment

The “tolerance establishment” has lost its moral compass by failing to uphold basic standards of decency for all people, and is inspiring others to do the same. The establishment criticizes the moral conduct of certain people while ignoring vile bigotry by others. Even worse, the establishment wields “tolerance” selectively as a weapon for political attacks, sometimes even aligning with extremists to advance their goals.

Examples of “Phony Tolerance” include:

The ACLU, which once upheld free-speech for all on principle, has declared it will no longer defend the civil liberties of “others whose views are contrary to our values…”

The NBA boldly advocates for Black Lives Matter while abetting China’s human rights abuses, ignoring repression of Muslims, and silencing criticism of China’s subjugation of Hong Kong.

The ADL is partnering with Al Sharpton – the unrepentant inciter of one of the worst anti-Semitic riots in US history.

UC Berkeley, a public university once renowned for its Free Speech Movement, has repeatedly allowed students to physically threaten and shut down unpopular speakers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded to protect minorities from intimidation, uses its Hate List to defame liberal Muslim reformers while partnering with CAIR, a bigoted Islamist extremist group.

Solution: Acting together to Hold Mainstream Organizations accountable

As a grassroots nonprofit organization, NTC has mobilized over 30,000 activists of diverse backgrounds from all 50 states. Our campaigns have pressured universities to reverse decisions that violated their students’ basic rights; called out companies that gave lip-service to equality while profiting from human rights abuses; and saluted heroes upholding consistent standards of tolerance. Join the growing movement for real tolerance!


President: Gregory T. Angelo

Gregory T. Angelo serves as the President of the New Tolerance Campaign, a grassroots watchdog organization mobilizing more than 65,000 Americans to push back on hypocritical institutions that fail to live up to their stated values.

His work at NTC has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Jesse Watters Live, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, USA Today, RealClear Politics, and more.

NTC campaigns he has led have provoked responses from Walmart and American Express, as well as regular engagement with the Meta Oversight Board (the entity at Facebook responsible for setting rules governing content policy).

Previously, he had the distinction of being Press Secretary at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Communications Director for Congressman Pete Olson (R-TX), and national President of the Log Cabin Republicans (2013 – 2018).