New Tolerance Campaign Calls on the Jersey City Board of Education and Mayor Fulop to demand Board Member Terrell-Paige Resign in Response to Anti-Semitic Diatribe 

NTC Calls For Upholding Free Speech at Truman State
Photo courtesy of Rivera Eye Photography for FIRE.

The New Tolerance Coalition is launching a campaign in support of the free speech rights of Naomi Matthew, a student at Truman State University who had her application to start a student group associated with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) denied by the school administration because of the “’emotional risk’ of ‘hostile’ confrontations and the ‘reputational risk’ of associating with PETA.”

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NTC to AmazonSmile: Stop Outsourcing Your Dirty Work to a Problematic Organization 

AmazonSmile is relying on a morally questionable and ideologically slanted organization to determine who can and cannot participate. Tell Amazon it’s time for them to dump the SPLC and do the hard work of determining and enforcing their own criteria.

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New Initiative Calls on American Universities and Foundations to Stop Investments in Uyghur Oppression

NTC’s next public pressure campaign aims to force Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University and the Rockefeller Foundation to address the possibility that their financial investments are supporting the Chinese government’s oppression of the country’s Uyghur Muslims and other minorities. These institutions must give a straight answer: are they profiting from these atrocities?  

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New Initiative Launches with Campaign Calling Out NBA Hypocrisy on China

NTC is launching its first public pressure campaign aimed at forcing the National Basketball Association (NBA) to clarify its standards of tolerance.

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