Tell Walmart to Stop Funding Divisive DEI Training in Public Schools

Walmart’s wokeward drift continues. It’s bad enough the retail giant pushes critical race theory (CRT) trainings on its employees — now, they’re bringing those principles to public schools.

The Washington Free Beacon found Walmart supporting so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) programs at public schools in Bentonville, Arkansas and nearby Fayetteville. Walmart Foundation funding underwrote sessions in which teachers were instructed about “intersectionality,” “microaggressions,” and that “perfectionism” is a form of “white supremacy.”

Walmart attempted to wriggle out of responsibility, saying they “did not direct or encourage any specific curriculum around CRT.” They may not have drafted lesson plans, but the company was more than happy to connect education officials with the organizations that did — like the Racial Equity Institute, which teaches that “all our systems, institutions, and outcomes emanate from the racial hierarchy on which the United States was built.”

Send a message to Walmart Foundation President Kathleen McLaughlin: stop pushing divisive DEI in public schools!




[Photo credit: Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel & JeepersMedia, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr (cropped)]