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New Tolerance Campaign Targets State Pension Boards, Demands Divestment from “Un-American Express”

Partnership with Color Us United and allied organizations unveils $1.2 million campaign and website targeting “woke” corporation

Washington, DC — Today the New Tolerance Campaign (NTC) joined the “UnAmerican Express” coalition, activating its network of grassroots advocates in a massive 50-state initiative to rebrand financial giant American Express as “UnAmerican Express” by exposing the radical, divisive, and coercive policies at the financial institution that are at their core antithetical to American values. In a unique first, the campaign will target state pension board trustees demanding they divest the public funds they manage from American Express.

NTC joins Color Us United in this effort, which will include aggressive social media, radio, television, grassroots action, and a central website:, which launched today.

“Americans fed up with woke corporate hypocrisy will be shocked to learn their taxpayer dollars are currently supporting it via state pension fund investments,” New Tolerance Campaign President Gregory T. Angelo stated. “And as hypocritical woke corporations go, American Express is among the worst of the worst: instituting internal policies that view employees and customers primarily by their race. That isn’t just wrong; it’s un-American. Our UnAmerican Express campaign is designed to highlight the systemic anti-American policies of AmEx and rally a grassroots movement calling upon state pension funds to divest from the hyper-woke company.”

Last August, Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo detailed the full embrace of woke doctrine at UnAmerican Express. Their “anti-racism” program actually perpetuates racism and inequality among their customers and employees. Among their policies:

  • AmEx is tying executive bonuses to racial “equity” instead of merit
  • AmEx instituted critical race theory training, teaching staff that “capitalism is racist” and asking workers to rank themselves on a hierarchy of “privilege”
  • AmEx gave preferential contracts to suppliers based on race

The UnAmerican Express campaign will run through May 3, when American Express holds its annual shareholder meeting.