Over 3,600 told Major League Baseball to stop the woke hypocrisy involved in moving the Atlanta All Star Game

Major League Baseball (MLB) withdrew the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to protest a new election law passed by the Georgia legislature in a clear example of hypocritical corporate virtue-signaling.

Like the NBA (which reconsidered a past All-Star game in North Carolina), MLB hypocritically protested a US state for democratically-passed legislation while coddling the Chinese government as it commits genocide against Muslim minorities.

Indeed, MLB is a partner with the government-owned Beijing Real-Estate Group Limited in developing dozens of new baseball facilities in China. MLB is formally engaged with this dictatorial government that allows NO democratic elections, brutally represses democracy in Hong Kong, and commits ethnic cleansing against Muslims.

Yet MLB is silent on China.

If MLB is going to affirm its values in Georgia, the league must apply those values consistently. Why give a pass to the Chinese government for its despicable human rights violations?  Are respect and inclusion reserved for Americans only? Or is selective outrage just another marketing gimmick to sell tickets?

MLB’s double standard leaves Georgians feeling singled out, victims in China feeling hopelessly ignored, and fans wondering where the league really stands.

Over 3,600 NTC activists sent messages, but sadly, the MLB didn’t budge.