Tell Jersey City Leaders to Stop Protecting Anti-Semitism

Over 1,700 of you have joined the Mayor of Jersey City and the Governor of New Jersey in calling for the resignation of Joan Terrell-Paige, who posted an anti-Semitic tirade immediately following a deadly anti-Semitic shooting. Yet Terrell-Paige remains in office. Why? Because some in the community have decided to protect her. Now they are hoping that everyone will forget the whole incident and move on. But we won’t!

On Dec. 18th, the Hudson County Democratic Black Caucus issued a statement that begins by saying that they “[do] not condone hatred towards any group.” It then spends the rest of its words trivializing Joan Terrell-Paige’s hateful words towards Jewish people by dismissing them in the name of another cause.

Imagine a situation in which an elected leader blamed the city’s crime on its black community, and people rushed to the leader’s defense by saying that, in the Hudson County Democratic Black Caucus’ words, “While we do not agree with the delivery of the statement,” the leader “has heightened awareness around issues that must be addressed.” Would the black community – and all peace-loving communities – accept anything less than that person’s resignation? Of course not!

Every principled person would insist on immediate resignation. That’s why we’re asking you to contact all 6 signers of this despicable statement. Using the form on this page, email or tweet a message to these influential community leaders with just a few clicks. You can choose to use our suggested language or write in your own message.

We believe that with your help, we can send a message strong enough to get Terrell-Paige to resign, making Jersey City schools a much more welcoming place for students of every background.