Tell Amazon: Stop Selective “Woke” Book Censorship

Amazon, by far the world’s largest bookseller, has until recently promoted itself as an open marketplace of ideas, with all kinds of transgressive and provocative works for sale, including Hitler’s notorious book “Mein Kampf.”

But on February 21, Amazon suddenly removed any trace of When Harry Became Sally, a book published three years ago by Ethics and Public Policy Center President Ryan T. Anderson. Described as “sensitive” and “fair-minded” by professors at top medical schools, the policy treatise takes a traditional stance on the controversial issue of transgenderism.

Amazon did not inform the author or publisher of its decision, and the company has refused to comment on the sudden ban on a book published several years ago. Bizarrely, other books by Anderson are still for sale on Amazon as are books by other authors that take a similar stance on transgenderism.

Amazon’s actions suggest that it has adopted an ominous new “woke” censorship approach where certain books suddenly become problematic and disappear. Others – like “Mein Kampf” – remain openly for sale, with no discernable universal standard.

Amazon needs to hear from consumers like you that such arbitrary yet highly politicized censorship must stop before it spreads further.

Sign the petition demanding that Amazon stop the hypocritical censorship and restore Anderson’s book to its virtual shelves!

Update 3/15/21: Amazon issued a statement after several U.S. Senators issued a complaint. The statement claims that Amazon will not sell books that characterize transgenderism as a mental illness. Anderson contends that his book does nothing of the sort.