Stop CAIR’s Attempted Inroads in Congress

Warning: CAIR is trying to position itself as the authoritative voice Congress should look to during the Israel-Hamas conflict!

But CAIR is the last organization Congress should be looking to for advice.

The ADL has chronicled CAIR’s long history of promoting antisemitism — which is now out in the open after Hamas killed more than 1,000 civilians.

CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad (pictured) outrageously claimed “there is no difference between Ukraine and Palestine” while likening Hamas gunmen to Martin Luther King, Jr. CAIR’s New Jersey chapter condemned all elected officials in the state who issued statements of support for Israel.

A 2021 NPR report recounted a decades-long history of sexual harassment against female employees at CAIR, alongside other reports of discrimination — even against fellow Muslims!

Peace in the Middle East will never be achieved with CAIR’s corrupt and radical guidance.

Tell your member of Congress: reject this toxic organization!




[Photo: CAIR press conference October 15, 2023 (screen grab)]