Stand Up for a Doctor Persecuted by the Texas Medical Board

Mary Talley Bowden has led a stellar career in medicine. The board-certified, Stanford-educated doctor has treated over 5,500 patients with COVID, saving lives in the process. Now, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) is threatening to terminate her license.

Dr. Bowden gained attention in November of 2021 when she declared she would focus her practice on treating patients unvaccinated for COVID. “I am not anti-vaccination,” Bowden has asserted. But when she saw unvaccinated people being denied critical surgeries and other needed medical care, she felt compelled to help.

Dr. Bowden is not accused of harming a single patient.

Nonetheless, two Texas hospitals filed complaints against her with the Texas Medical Board.

The TMB offered a settlement: a $5,000 fine, eight hours of continuing medical education, and a new jurisprudence exam. “I rejected their ‘offer’ and am proceeding with a public hearing,” Bowden tweeted.

Her career now hangs in the balance.

Send a message to Texas Medical Board President Dr. Sherif Zaafran asking him and his fellow Board members to end this senseless persecution of a doctor whose only goal is saving lives!