Send a Message to CEOs: Stop Pushing LGBT Marketing on Kids!

No matter your background, faith, or even sexual orientation, there’s one message everyone should be able to agree on when it comes to LGBT marketing by corporate America: leave the kids alone!

That’s the message you’ll send to CEOs from coast-to-coast when you add your name to the petition on this page.

In the United States, adults have the freedom to live their lives as they wish. At the same time, the perspectives of people of faith should be respected. And when it comes to discussions about sex and gender, parents should be in control.

Sadly, boardrooms of businesses across the country are filled with people who feel they know better. They push kids’ books promoting gender confusion, stories about “nonbinary” babies, and instruction encouraging young girls to seek puberty blockers.

Sign the petition on this page to tell America’s CEOs to stop pushing LGBT marketing on kids!