Public Schools Must Sever Ties with Bigoted CAIR

How can any school partner with the CAIR — an organization that was “happy to see” the brutal Hamas terrorist attack on Israeli civilians on October 7?

Sadly, it’s happening.

Recent news shined a spotlight on formal relationships between the Chicago and Teaneck, New Jersey school systems and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The collaborations are ostensibly done to “promote inclusion,” but CAIR’s track record shows it to be an organization that does anything but.

The last organization that should be instructing any student about “inclusion” is CAIR.

In addition to the “blatant and classic antisemitism” spouted by the group’s leaders for years, CAIR has become notorious as an organization that promotes a culture of sexual harassment, misogyny, and even discrimination against fellow Muslims that stretches from its state-based chapters to its national headquarters in Washington, DC.

The White House severed ties with CAIR; shouldn’t Chicago and New Jersey public schools do the same?

Send a message to Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez and Teaneck Superintendent Andre Spencer demanding they cut ties with CAIR and put students first!