NewsGuard Must Answer for Fact-Check Bias

Have you heard of NewsGuard? Chances are you haven’t, but they’re the largest and most influential so-called “fact checking” organization in the United States. They’re also incredibly biased.

Left-leaning media outlets like CNN and the New York Times are regularly given “high credibility” scores — the same CNN that presented the Jussie Smollet and Nick Sandeman hoaxes as full-blown hate crimes, and the same New York Times that wrote prolifically for years about the Russia-collusion fraud.

At the same time, right-of-center sources such as Fox News, PragerU, and The Federalist are branded by NewsGuard as “uncredible,” “risky” purveyors of “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

NewsGuard’s ratings are taken as gospel by Big Tech and public schools nationwide, used to filter what can be taught in class and shared on social media sites. They’ve partnered with the federal government in initiatives “discrediting and demonetizing the disfavored press and redirecting money and audiences to news organizations that publish favored viewpoints,” according to a blockbuster lawsuit essentially labeling NewsGuard a censor-for-hire.

The New Tolerance campaign is proud to join forces with the team at PragerU to demand accountability from this purported “objective” gatekeeper of speech.

Tell NewsGuard that any credibility they might salvage demands full transparency.