Right now, State Treasurers from coast-to-coast are playing fast and loose with your tax dollars, ignoring their fiduciary duties and prioritizing investments in companies promoting so-called “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) policies.

Under the guise of ESG, big business is pushing progressive politics spanning everything from abortion to climate, LGBTQ issues and more.

It’s also a total fraud.

Investor Carl Icahn called ESG the “biggest hypocrisy of our time.” In the world of ESG, electric car manufacturer Tesla is given failing grades while fossil-fuel giant Exxon Mobil and tobacco company Philip Morris get stellar scores.

Even worse: your taxpayer dollars are funding it via state investments in mutual funds, index funds, and direct investments made by state pension boards who may not even be aware they’re directing taxpayer revenue to underwrite this leftist power grab.

State financial officers across the country are waking up to ESG’s true colors. Nine have already ended ESG investment. If your state is one of them, you can use the form at right to thank them for their leadership. If not, you can send a message to your State Treasurer telling them your tax dollars shouldn’t be invested in promoting radical social agendas. 

Tell them to… END ESG!