Daughters of the American Revolution Must End Female Erasure

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) can no longer be considered a “women’s group.”

In this latest instance of female erasure, anyone who can show ancestry linked to the American Revolution and self-identifies as a woman is eligible for admission to the historic and venerable institution with an amended birth certificate.

This isn’t just a matter of allowing biological men to attend meetings; DAR events often require hotel stays in which members share rooms and changing areas. This could affect junior members serving as pages, State Regents, and other assigned rooms. 

This action was taken under the pretense of protecting the group’s nonprofit status from discrimination lawsuits, but as a private membership organization, DAR is already protected from such punitive actions.

At an institutional level, bylaws that accept altered birth certificates will create inaccuracies and call into question the genealogical records at the core of DAR membership.

The surreptitious bylaws change occurred at the most recent DAR “Continental Congress” national meeting in 2023, and the backlash from DAR members across the country has continued ever since.

Hundreds of DAR members have resigned, with others quietly expressing deep concerns about the implementation of a policy in which they had no say…until now.

Use the form at right to tell Daughters of the American Revolution President General Pamela Edwards Rouse Wright and DAR senior leadership to end this calamitous policy!

Then, please forward this message to fellow DAR members and former members encouraging them to do the same. This is the only means we must register our opposition directly with DAR national leadership—let’s make our voices heard!




[photo credit: DARCongress Online]