Sign the New Tolerance Manifesto - New Tolerance Campaign

Sign the New Tolerance Manifesto

We are coming together to advocate for consistent standards of tolerance in American society. 

We’ve stopped listening to each other; we just react. In the last decade, the default response to disagreement has been to viscerally label, isolate, and ostracize. Tolerance has gone from being a tool for building mutual understanding to a weapon wielded in ideological blood sport that results in unhealthy social division. This must stop. Diversity of opinion is critical to a healthy society.  

We call on American companies, organizations, and institutions to take a stand. 

Mainstream American companies, organizations, and institutions have the right to affirm values and standards of tolerance, or to not affirm them. However, when they choose to express these values and standards publicly, they must do so responsibly and consistently because of the huge impact they have on everyday life. If they choose to leverage this power, we will hold them accountable to their own stated values and standards to ensure consistency and responsibility. 

We stand with leaders in high standards of tolerance and their consistent application. 

We commit to stand beside those who are brave enough to clearly state their values and standards and apply them consistently every time. We do this because we believe promoting tolerance and countering intolerance are integral to a healthy society. 

We recognize the freedom of private organizations to operate as they choose 

Our rights as individuals and groups are foundational to what makes America work, and we have no wish to infringe on those rights. But because of those rights, our society’s health depends on our cultural influencers using that freedom responsibly.  

Tolerance should be a rallying cry that unites us, not a weapon that divides us. 


If you’re tired of weaponized tolerance, sign your name and join us in defending true and unbiased tolerance!