Jerusalem Post: Thousands call for congressmen to withdraw support for ‘antisemitic’ CAIR

More than 9,000 Americans have signed a petition calling on members of Congress to withdraw statements of support issued to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization which the petition’s signatories say is antisemitic.

More than 120 members of Congress, including Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Pramila Jayapal and Mark Poucan, and presidential hopefuls, senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, wrote letters to CAIR last year ahead of the organization’s 25th anniversary, praising its work.

The letters were printed in full in the program for a gala held to mark the occasion; three were from Republican representatives.

But thousands of Americans have called on the congressmen to renounce their letters, arguing that CAIR is an antisemitic organization and therefore cannot be supported by anyone who claims to oppose racism.

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