You Said “Thank You” to Distilleries Making Hand Sanitizer and Raising Spirits

As the pandemic spread, hand sanitizer became suddenly in high demand and low supply. Thankfully, some small businesses with alcohol and bottling capacity on hand stepped up to help fill the gap: distilleries. You joined us in signing a thank you card to these distillers that filled such an important need!

Old Fourth Distiller in Atlanta, GA, Moonrise Distillery in Clayton, GA,  Shine Distiller in Portland, OR, and Durham Distillery in Durham, NC all started producing hand sanitizer and providing it free of charge to either the general public or specifically to people in the hospitality industry. They likely saved lives and started a trend that exponentially increased their impact.

We’ve already sent the thank you notes along with the signers’ names, cities, and messages, but feel free to add your name now anyway!

Here’s what the main text of the card said:

Dear [Distillery Name],

Americans from across the country want to express their gratitude for your service to the community providing life-saving hand sanitizer to those who need it. It’s a tough time for small businesses, but your willingness to put the community ahead of your bottom line has truly lifted our spirits.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep up the good work!

Honorable Mentions

This became a major trend. Here are other distillers who made hand sanitizer that we want to make sure to mention: