Nick Cannon Reversed Course on Anti-Semitism

Sometimes, someone will choose to do the right thing before we have a chance to make much of an impact, and when that happens, we can’t complain!

Within two days of launching our petition, Nick Cannon gave a heart-felt apology and committed to educating himself.

You can read more about what happened in our blog post.

Here’s what the campaign and petition said. Thank you to those who took swift action by signing the petition in the first 48 hours!


The Campaign

Celebrity Nick Cannon, best known most recently as the host of the TV show The Masked Singer has come under fire for blatant and unrepentant anti-Semitism. During an episode of Cannon’s Class, his podcast that he calls “specifically…academic,” Cannon expressed a dizzying array of ignorant and backward views about the Jewish people and their history. Rather than apologize for his anti-Semitism, he tried to cover it up. By signing this petition, you can join us in demanding that Cannon educate himself properly and stop promoting ignorance, hatred, and vile conspiracy theories.

In the show, Cannon said that black people are the true chosen people of Israel and therefore, as the original Semites, cannot be anti-Semitic. In the course of the discussion, Cannon referred to “the honorable Louis Farrakhan” and praised his work several times. Farrakhan himself has referred to the Jewish people as “termites” and his organization Nation of Islam has been classified as anti-Semitic by groups across the political spectrum.

Following the blowback, Cannon issued a series of Tweets that sought to highlight the historical partnership between the black and Jewish communities, though he did not walk back any of his fallacious comments. As part of his response, Cannon stated that “I encourage more healthy dialogue and welcome any experts, clergy, or spokespersons to any of my platforms to hold me accountable and correct me in any statement that I’ve made that has been projected as negative.” 

We call on Nick Cannon to take responsibility for fact-checking his own beliefs and take the initiative to get himself educated. Specifically, we call on him to participate in the A World of Difference Institute.

Sign the petition to let Cannon know he must immediately take steps to correct his ignorance and reverse the damage he’s already done. The type of anti-Semitism he’s spouting has already taken a heavy toll. It must end now!

The Petition

We, the undersigned, demand that Nick Cannon immediately stop spreading anti-Semitism and instead take initiative to get himself educated. Cannon should enroll in the A World of Difference Institute and learn the truth about the horrors enacted as a result of anti-Semitism, and the destructive lies that have lead to the spread of conspiracy theories that people use to try to excuse their racism against the Jews.

Now is the time for us to band together to stamp out racism, not to shift it from one group to another. Nick Cannon’s celebrity gives him a platform to make change for good or ill. He claims he wants to be a force for good. We sincerely hope he will get educated, reverse course, and be a voice for positive change.