Thank José Andrés for Providing Food & Positivity

José Andrés and his company ThinkFoodGroup have been going above and beyond to care for employees, community members, and those impacted by the Coronavirus. Join us in saying “thank you”!

José Andrés owns upscale restaurants in major cities across the U.S. and runs a non-profit called World Central Kitchen. When cruise ships became floating quarantine zones, Andrés’ team set up outside to provide gourmet and nutritious meals to the unfortunate passengers.

As the virus spread inland, Andrés proactively turned some of his restaurants in the NYC and Washington D.C. areas into “community kitchens” where those who are struggling can get free meals, while those who can afford to pay can get a meal for an unusually reasonable price of $7. The continued cash flow will allow ThinkFoodGroup to pay all employees their full wages as they serve those in the community who need it most. He described his decision in a moving video that’s well worth a watch: 

Sign your name to join NTC in applauding Andres’ compassion and leadership! There’s also a space to include a personal message if there’s anything extra you’d like to share. In a couple of weeks, we’ll package your responses into a nice card and send it to the Chef and his team to let them know just how much their work is appreciated!

 The Card:

Dear José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup,

As Covid-19 has gripped the globe, Americans have an urgent need not only for food or reliable income, but for hope and community leadership as well. You have risen to the challenge to provide all of those things. We wanted to let you know that we’ve noticed and that we’re grateful!

Please keep up the good work and know that the American people are with you!