Say “Thank You” to the Companies Working Hard and Hiring Thousands Amid Layoffs

COVID-19 has hit hard, and workers are being laid off in droves in many industries. However, some companies that are experiencing an increase in demand are using the opportunity to provide jobs to tens or even hundreds of thousands of new employees. Help us celebrate the people who make up these businesses by signing this thank you card!

Amazon and Walmart are each adding over 100,000 new workers as people quarantined in their homes order essentials to be delivered. Grocery and drug stores’ sales are surging due to panic buying, and Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, CVS, and 7-Eleven are either hiring or giving bonuses to existing employees. Pizza chains and other food delivery services are ramping up significantly. Some tech companies that are suddenly in high demand as telework increases are also hiring.

Of course, we acknowledge that these companies stand to profit from all this growth, but expanding quickly while adapting to an unpredictable and increasingly dangerous world is no small fete. Men and women at these companies are working overtime to meet the needs of consumers and providing much-needed jobs in the process.

Sign the card to tell CEOs on down to the people stocking shelves: thank you for working so hard to keep our country fed, working, and functioning in this difficult time! We notice, and we are deeply grateful!