Facebook Weaponizes Tolerance to Censor Political Satire

Facebook had demonetized the Babylon Bee’s account over a Monty Python joke.

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What Nick Cannon Can Teach Us About Fighting for Truth in the Age of Cancel Culture

We aren’t trying to ‘cancel’ Nick Cannon, but we wouldn’t mind canceling anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry and racism.

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A Big Day for Uyghur Justice

New legislatoin is a big step for Uyghur justice in China, but there is much more to be done.

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Spot the Intolerance in Central Park

The battle over the Samaritan’s Purse tent hospital reminds us that as we fight intolerance, we must make sure we don’t become intolerant ourselves.

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How to Disagree on Matters of Life and Death

Re-opening and staying closed both come with serious consequences. If we can agree on a few basics, we can take the vitriol out of the debate.

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Press Releases

NTC Calls on Activists to #BoycottMulan Until Disney Addresses Its Human Rights Hypocrisy

Mulan’s credits include a thank you to the people oppressing China’s Uyghur Muslims. 1998 Mulan would not approve, and neither does NTC.

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New Tolerance Campaign Calls on NBA to Stop Its Double Standard on Racism

NTC is calling out the NBA for its inexcusable double standard on racism.

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New Tolerance Campaign to Tulane Student Government: Grow Up and Confront Racism

Tulane students protested NYT-approved anti-racist author Edward Ball because of his race and challenging subject matter.

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NTC Mobilizes Activists to Demand USMC Reinstate Speaker Cut Because of His Religious Affiliation

Veteran Jay Lorenzen should never have been cut from a Marine training because of his Christian affiliation.

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NTC Launches Petition Calling on Nick Cannon to Get Educated On Anti-Semitism from ADL

New Tolerance Campaign is asking all who oppose hate to demand that Nick Cannon contact ADL to enroll himself in their A World of Difference program. He owes it to his fans to know what he is talking about.

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