COVID-19 or Kung Flu: How the Battle Over the Name Misses the Point

There are much bigger issues at play that must be addressed with real solutions.

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5 Ways to Use Your Time Alone to Promote Tolerance and Understanding

Coronavirus is forcing us all to slow down. Here’s how to use new-found free time to build up the community while still practicing social distancing.

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Whose side are you on??

Tribalism is dividing our society, but tolerance starts with recognizing our own blindspots.

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Racism by the Numbers

New polls show that our nation still struggles with ugly racist beliefs. It’s time to change that.

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The Uneasy Intersection of Tolerance and Humor  

This week, the most notable thing to come out of the Golden Globes was not a list of winners, but Ricky Gervais’s scorching jokes, mainly made at celebrity attendees’ expense. Perhaps his most shocking line was, “You say you’re woke but the companies you work for, I mean, unbelievable – Apple, Amazon, Disney – if  Isis started a streaming service, you’d […]

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Press Releases

NTC Mobilizes Activists to Demand USMC Reinstate Speaker Cut Because of His Religious Affiliation

Veteran Jay Lorenzen should never have been cut from a Marine training because of his Christian affiliation.

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NTC Launches Petition Calling on Nick Cannon to Get Educated On Anti-Semitism from ADL

New Tolerance Campaign is asking all who oppose hate to demand that Nick Cannon contact ADL to enroll himself in their A World of Difference program. He owes it to his fans to know what he is talking about.

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New Tolerance Calls on Major Donors to Hold Anti-Semitic Group Believers Bail Out Accountable

NTC is mobilizing its activists to send emails and tweets to these foundations, whose choice is clear: denounce this racism or continue lending their support to the group’s hypocritical bigotry.

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NTC to Mayor de Blasio: Stop Choosing Who Gets to Exercise Their 1st Amendment Rights

Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate based on what you’re advocating for, and neither does the 1st Amendment. So why is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio?

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NTC Mobilizes Activists to Call on WSU to Stop Viewpoint Discrimination  

Worcester State is violating its own principles and the Constitution by blocking a Turning Point USA chapter from forming on campus.

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