Ask the Salvation Army to Choose Hope Over Divisive DEI

For decades, the Salvation Army has provided countless people with aid and comfort, helping tens of millions find and accomplish their dreams. Now, Salvation Army leadership is teaching something very different.

Internally, the Salvation Army is offering instruction stating that America is racist, that their soldiers have “unconscious bias,” and that racism can be found at every turn. You can see all the documents proving this here.

These divisive and biblically unsound policies do not help a single poor child. They impede the very spirit of the Salvation Army.

The driving force behind these teachings? The Salvation Army’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program.

But it’s not too late to change course: Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, the head of the Salvation Army in the United States, can abandon DEI principles in favor of a worldview that actually helps people in poverty.

The Salvation Army is well placed to take America from a divided nation to one that is proud of our kind, loving, and generous culture. Almost 80% of the worldwide Salvation Army budget comes from the generosity of charitable Americans. Millions have volunteered for the organization.

The New Tolerance Campaign is proud once again to join our allies at Color Us United this Christmas Season in asking the Salvation Army to reject the policies of division and embrace a vision of hope and unity.

Send an email to Salvation Army Commissioner Kenneth Hodder and your region’s Territorial Commander urging them to renounce divisive DEI principles and instead champion colorblind policies that unite Americans!




[Photo credit: Lorie Shaull, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr (cropped)]